Tyr is located just to the east of the Ringing Mountains. Tyr was ruled by the sorcerer-king Kalak until his overthrow by high templar Titian and the heroes Rikus, Sadira, and Agis with the help of the PCs and others. It is now the only free city of the region, banning the practice of slavery. The city has a monopoly over iron, Roc feathers and purple dye.

important sites

The elven market: when you want poisons or other illegal products, this is the place to go. Its also where the new drinking hole, “King Kalak’s Demise”, is located.

The golden tower: home to king Tithian, the tower is built from a rare granite that gleams harshly during daylight. The only entrance to the tower is to cross tower bridge from the observation tower. In the lowest rooms of the tower is rumored to be the old king Kalak’s library, which house books of anciant times.

The asticles estate: about ten minutes’ walk away east of the eastern gates lies Agis’ estate. The PCs may rest here for free wheneer they want. The estate is large and has large fields tended by paid farmers/ex slaves. The estate is protected by 300 soldiers, mostly humans and half giant. One of these half giants is the PCs’ friend Urgos, who looks like an exagerated version of Irron. Behind the estate, buried and marked by a small pile of stones, is Dracklin’s body.

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