A drik is a monstrous lizard with a great horned and ridged shell over thirty feet across. Its limbs and head, scaled with dull violet hide,protrude from beneath the shell in a fashion similar to a tortoise, and enormous tusksjut from its jaws.

Once common in the Northern Tyr region, this gargantuan herd lizard has been a favorite beast of war with the lords of Urik and Raam for many ages, and the drik herds are far thinner now as a result.

A drik is born without a shell, but as it grows, it secretes a resin that combines with bony residues to form an ever-growing carapace. The carapace can be remodeled and fashioned to form well-defended platforms ideal for waging siege warfare.

An adult drik is 35 feet across or more, weighing about 6 tons. Driks reach maturity in about 2 years and can live about 30 years.

During the Tyrian army’s encounter with the Urikite army, a drik was taken down by Irron in view of many fear-stricken Urikite soldiers.

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