Altaruk is a fort located in a very fortunate trading spot between Balic, Tyr, and the northern and eastern city-states. It is controlled by Balican merchant houses Wavir, Rees, and Tomblador. The guards answer to their captain Verro only, a seasoned dwarf warrior, while the other day to day responsabilities of running what has now grown into a small village fall on Arisphistaneles, a bald man with a long and thin goatee. He is a member of the veiled alliance, and because of his position makes Altaruk a safe haven for preservers.

It is surrounded by a 15 foot wall guarded by well-trained mercenaries. All visitors must pay a security toll charge. There are nearly 1,200 permanent residents in Altaruk, and the number of guards is prevalent, making thievery very hazardous.

The the fort contains a merchant quarter with a small elven market on the outskirt of the quarter near the gates, and an arena outside the walls called Bloodsand Arena.
It is situated fairly close to the Estuary of the forked tongue and so every so often the air sometimes fill with a haze of tiny silt particles. For this reason permanent residents of Altaruk always wear a veil to filter in the air.

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