Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

The Battle with the Tanishu

The brave heroes were busy in negotiations with the lizard guy who bred the nasty beetle things, when suddenly Zuri and Ovid noticed some of the Tanishu warriors (with eight-eyed dog-like sand howlers) coming up the hill towards them. The Tanishu ran with weapons drawn, intent on bloodshed.

Pox and Zuri acted fast, making easy targets of the two warriors, but then a sudden psionic attack came out of nowhere, straight into Ovid’s fickle little brain. This triggered and reawakened the defiler-killer spirit in Ovid’s bracelet, who took control of his body for a few minutes until the sand howlers started carrying him away. Regaining control of himself, Ovid teleported away to safety, alternately dodging arrows, psionic attacks, and the summoning of a deadly Braxat!

Meanwhile Pox and Zuri spotted the attacking psion hiding in a pool of water and went after him. He turned out to be just the same man who had accosted them at the lighthouse and attempted to win them over to the Tanishu. Without his wasps to ride upon however, his psionic attacks could not save him, and he was easy prey for the the wily thief Pox and the shapeshifting Zuri.

Unfortunately for our heroes however, a defiler looking down upon them from a cliff up above cast lightning magic on them — in the water! Though electrocuted quite badly, Pox decided to loot lots of money and magic scrolls from the psion, and then get out of the water to go after the Braxat that the defiler summoned. Zuri, on the other hand, used her winged snakorpion form (snake with a scorpion’s tail) to paralyze the defiler.

Pox and Ovid, coming under heavy attack from the Braxat, struggled to get past its thick hide. Ovid tried to teleport about, but the Braxat, a most depressing sight on any battlefield, dampened that psionic ability, and threw him high into the air. Ovid, possibly embarrassed at being tossed about like a doll, cast his invisibility spell in mid-air so that nobody would see him, and, realizing that invisibility could not protect him from death due to gravity, managed to use its magic energy as a kind of shield to deflect the damage of the fall.

Pox contemplated many brave things to do and decided to run away. Joining Zuri at the top of the cliff, the two of them tried to get a bit of healing done — that electrocution earlier was very unhealthy, after all — only to find themselves under heavy fire from enemies shooting arrows from another cliff. Ovid didn’t like the idea of getting skewered, so he cast invisibility, again, so that his friends could be skewered instead. Indeed, the Braxat hurled its giant weapon at Pox and Zuri, only narrowly missing them.

Fate was out to get Ovid, however. Having finally decided to contribute to the battle in a meaningful way by summoning a Nightmare Beast to match the Braxat, Ovid found himself encircled by the sand hounds, going in for the kill.

Who will prevail? Will Ovid finally get stabbed, bitten, poked or laughed at? Will Pox finally get his beetle extracted from his belly? Will Zuri finally reveal her ultimate shapeshifting form of awesomeness? Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to the previous episode!

Into the mountains

At the beginning of the session Pox and Britton began by concealing themselves while Zuri used elemental mastery to created a wall of water inside the dungeon. The ash monster grabbed Zuri, as the water dissolves it and turns it into a puddle of sticky goo.

Ovid half drowned, while everyone else was swept into the next room, which turned out to be an ancient shrine of sorts with pillars of rotating crystal in the centre. Against pox’s words of caution, Ovid rushed in to take the bracelet from the centre, and the rotations increased and emitted a psionic scream. Everyone nobly fled outside, while Ovid sent a fireball into the room, shattering the crystal pillars and breaking one of three stone tablets on the wall, with a handprint inscribed on each. Britton and Ovid put their hands into the stone tablets, and each received a strange psionic tattoo on their arm, while Pox found a wooden sculpture of a strange legless creature in the wreckage, looting it for later. The party resolved to head up to the giant’s camp, so they could get a lift off the island.

After returning to the room with the gravity defying water, Ovid tried to pull magical focus in the room, stumbled and fell into the currents. He accidentally drank foul black goo, and threw up slime for a while as Pox negotiated the currents to find the corpse of the gnome, who informed them that Tanixu was a general during the cleansing wars and was widely renowned for his highly developed sense of bastardry. His ghost also warned us of the dangers of Ovid’s bracelet, shortly before it took over control of Ovid’s body and scared Zuri by being really, really freaky. Afterwards, they exited the room and go back up the stairs opposite, and go out into the sunlight….

…and walked into a pack of 5 hungry lirr, that were strolling past on the road into the mountain, with slopes of scree rocks heading up to the mountain. Britton shot the lead lirr, pox paralysed one with a throwing dagger, and Zuri shapeshifted into a wasp, stung a lirr and killed it outright. Pox killed a lirr, then the last one attacked Ovid and then tussled with Britton. Pox used golden root to tame a lirr and make it “as loyal as a puppy.” After a 2 day journey through the mountains, eating lirr meat and shaded by Zuri’s magical clouds, our intrepid adventurers made it to an area on a peninsula, about half a day from the giants camp.

Britton mentioned a beetle farmer in common, and Pox decided to get his help in removing the beetle still lodged in his belly after his antics in the caravan. They headed along the tracks, but were stopped by some Tanixu goons. They were fooled by Pox and Ovid’s magic into believing that the party were allies, and led us to the beetle farm. The breeder, a reptilian humanoid, emerged from the beetle pit, and asked all others but Pox and his lirrpuppy to leave his house so they could talk privately.

What will happen next week?

Heroic flight from the lighthouse

Our intrepid and brave heroes started the session by trying to take a nap, to prepare spells and to look for things to steal, but alas fate was unkind and presented us with danger, in the form of an evil wraith. Heroically flapping their arms and fleeing in terror, they happened upon a large room with a crystal dome, and an immense and ancient magical tree on a raised circular dias.

Not needing stealth, as they are heroes, they promptly alerted the local wraiths and skeletons as to their presence. Ovid flung fireballs around at skeletons, while teleporting over to rob the guardian statues of their fancy jewels. Pox robbed a sword, becoming embattled with a skeleton in the process and Zuri rolled her eyes and got to work helping him, in the form of a nasty pincer monster fiend.

After such scuffling, it transpired that the wraiths were tethered to this world by the very items our heroes sought to heroically loot and plunder, so with much annoyance they were destroyed in a hail of telekinetically motivated rusty swords. The wraiths bothered them no more.

Ovid got down to business immediately, siphoning power from the tree to enhance both his staff and pox’s punch daggers, and to prepare spells. After a mighty rest, they continued onwards – in the process, locating a grievously wounded ranger, Britton, whose plight awakened the mighty Irron from his three-week slumber in time for a room filling lava blooded rock monster to appear.

Predictions for next week include either more fighting, or more running away. Only time will tell.

Session 10 - skeletons are the least of our worries

the PCs found themselves inside a room full of books. Ovid cast light to better see what treasure they could find. Most books and scrolls on the shelves had long ago rotted away. Time had ravaged most of these founts of information but among the extensive collection they managed to salvage 6 books, only two of which were in a language Ovid knew how to read, and three scrolls of arcane magic.
Leaving the library, they followed the decrepit hallway to a doorway with stone stairs going in a circle both up and down. A sound made them cautious and they waited to find it was a walking skeleton. After a brutal fight with what must have been the remains of a long dead arena champion, the party bandaged their wounds and followed along the hallway, keeping the stairs in mind in case they needed to backtrack later. After searching a few rooms and finding a few ancient coins, they came upon a huge stone doule door. While opening it was quite easy, on the other side were wide stairs that went up a ways. There seemed to be light at the end and as they were about to go up them, a ghostly apparition materialized in front of them. The diminutive ghost warned that the room ahead was haunted by wraiths and that they should turn back. After a brief chit-chat, they decided that going to have a look at the stairs from earlier wasn’t such a bad idea.

Up those stairs they went until they came to a tower that seemed about 5 stories high. Over them was the olive-green sky. The top of the tower must have crumbled untold years before, but part of it was still there so they decided to go have a look. The stairs hugged the interior of the tower to the top. On the part that remained of the tower was a chest. Pox, using his tendonils, jumped to the hard to reach place but was disappointed to find only a giant piece of glass inside. A lens of some sort.

Looking out, Pox was surprised to see silt in all directions but south; stretching out as far as the eyes could see. To the south were rocky mountains with evil slopes full of jagged rocks.

Then, a familiar buzzing came their way and they saw giant wasps coming from the direction of a plume of smoke. Their burning nests no doubt. 7 wasps were flying their way and riding one of them was a man. Ready for a fight, the PCs waited for the wasps to arrive. The giant insects landed on the walls of the tower and the man introduced himself as Laleek, the leader of the Altaruk cell of House Tanixu. He seemed to know all about the PCs and the encounters they had had with the other Tanixu agents. He commented on the PCs’ willingness to get the job done no matter how dirty it got; Pox’s senseless slaughter of the young girl and Ovid’s mass homocide not long ago as he burned the giant wasps’ nest, along with all the other victims that had been captured. All except Laleek of course. He came to offer them a deal to join the house. He explained the ‘good’ that House Tanixu was trying to accomplish. Pox and Ovid were genuinely interested, much to the discontent of Zuri. But as they were about to seal the deal, Laleek let out that Zuri, a druid, would earn them a gold piece and that all they needed of her was her blood. Ever the practical one, Pox deemed Zuri’s life worth more than a gold piece for the moment and attacked Laleek. A short fight ensued with the PCs fighting the wasps and Laleek fell down from his perch. The mindbender made it safely to the ground as the PCs fought the attacking wasps. They hurried back down the tower as it started to crumble down on them. They made it just barely, with no broken bones.

The only way left seemed to be down the circular stairwell. With Ovid in tow as the only lit source, he led his surprised companions outside, to a simple quay which would have housed a couple of silt skimmers if there had been any. The quay led to old, wooden stairs to a doorway. It looked just about to fall apart so Pox, again using his tendonils, jumped the distance and made it safely to the doorway, only to find two skeletons sitting on stools. One of them was wearing a metal helmet of all things. He backed away as they started to rise and drew their weapons. The wooden pier was starting to fall apart under his feet but the dextrous Pox jumped back toward their friends. On of the skeletons came out onto the pier, which couldn’t do anything else but fallinto pieces in the silt. The other skeleton, with his metal helmet and standing in the doorway, provided Ovid with a perfect target. A fireball blew that undead to pieces back into the small room, which Pox again visited to clollect a few coins and the metal helmet.

Suddenly, long and hidious white tentacles sprang out of the silt in dusty clouds and tried to grab them. A silt horror! Wile trying desperately to run for the safety of the stone corridors they had come from, Zuri and Ovid were attacked and grabbed by the tentacles. Zuri, with her quick thinking, changed into a small lizard, thus breaking free of the silt horror’s grasp. Ovid threw a fireball into the silt and the silt exploded, covering the area with silt and blinding everybody. Eventually, the silt horror, having died or having had enough of Ovid’s burning magic, let go and disappeared once again into the dealy sea of silt.

Coughing and trying to clear the silt that was accumulating in their nose and eyes, the group climbed back those stairs, wondering if death was near.

Something buzzing this way comes

The group were exiting the fort’s gate when, ahead of them, in the middle of the road stood 2 men; a mul and an elf. The PCs noticed that they both had house Tanixu rings. The mul used a little dwarven girl as hostage to try and lure the group outside the city but Pox sent an arrow into the mul’s neck while Ovid’s fire ball blew the elf up while running at them. The little girl turned out to be in on it. She sent fireballs their way but the group luckily survived. With his new toys, Pox jumped on the girl and made a bloody mess of her. Hurt but not too badly, the companions returned to their beds to recuperate.

The next day, Pox found evidence on the elven longblade that the dead elf belonged to a legendary underground elven tribe called The Shadows. Fearing retribution upon Ovid for killing the elf, Pox made for the elven market and in an unprecedented act of contrition paid 100 ceramics and struck a deal with an elven chief to have the blade returned and Ovid’s life spared. Ovid meanwhile, with his head full of Pox influence, decided to cheat a merchant(although an elven merchant, not the most trust worthy)with magic.

While looking for Arisphitaneles, making their way to a small farm near Altaruk, a strange facsimile of a man appears behind them and threatens them, ordering that they march south east, away from Altaruk and the farm and towards the silt sea. Suddenly, a buzzing sound is heard and it starts to get closer. The man replica, seemingly just as curious as the PCs, quickly deteriorates leaving only Fast-evaporating goo.

Unsure of the impending threat or where to go, they opt for south east. It was a mistake. The buzzing sound came from giant wasps, each as big as a half giant, and at least a hundred strong. A well placed fireball by Ovid kills one but they are quickly overwhelmed. The wasps’ sting paralyzes them and they are brought to the wasps’ nest.

The group wake up in a large oval-shaped room along with a half dozen other poor souls. The only way in or out is from a hole in one of the top corners of the room, which Pox reaches easily. The hole opens up into a huge circular room filled with busy wasps, bringing victims from other oval rooms into a hole in the middle of the room where the PCs assume is where the queen resides. The PCs noticed that part of the huge circular room was constructed by the wasps and half the floor and walls seemed to be made of stones. The stone walls had three hallways, so they decided to take one, which led to a petrefied wooden door that led outside to a decrepit bridge that crossed a narrow precipice full of silt at the bottom. On the other side was another door. They luckily mad it safely across the bridge, even as wasps attacked them and found themselves in a room full of old books. What lies further down the tunnel has yet to be seen…

Session 8

Everyone safely made it to town and got paid 33 CP each. After looking around for a good place to buy stuff, we went inside a tent. After examining the items and deciding that they were too expensive, we left, but all of Ovid and Pox’s money was stolen.
Pox decided to go to a local bar while everyone else went to see the town leader. Zuri learned that if she wanted to kill the creature, she would have to use a weapon made from grey steel. Grey steel is located deep in the mountains far away from our location. The town leader person, being a member of the veiled alliance, helps us with shelter, food and water.
Meanwhile, Pox decides to do a little pick pocketing. He finds some local merchants and tries to stir up a fight. He magically succeeds and manages to pickpocket a large amount of money. Everyone else returns looking for Pox. Ovid finds Pox, and having just seen his successful attempt at stealing money (and having his money just stolen at the tent), attempts to pick pocket too. Ovid succeeds in taking the money, but a half-giant notices. Not wanting to burn the place with his fire-ball, Ovid gets caught.
Everyone goes to, once again, see the town leader. Ovid manages to successfully BS a story that people believe (party people excluded).
As the sun goes down, some people ride into town wearing the ring that was obtained in session 7.

Session 7
Rumble in the happy caravan

The session began by the party returning to Agis’ estate, where they met the captain of the guard and resolved to go a-drinking with him because of his awesome beard.

In Tyr, Zuri met Sadira and she tipped her off about an enchantress who would make her a necklace that would protect her from her new buddy, the soul eating daemon.

Irron also got his hammer enchanted, so that it now fires people a not inconsiderable distance when he hits them with it. He is a happy gladiator now.

They met a shifty human named pox in the bar, who ‘bought’ them all a drink and then proceeded to use his dastardly criminal contacts to get them a guard job on a caravan at the behest of some colossal munter named Alanna.

They want to alight the caravan at Altaruk to free Zuri from the effects of the daemon.

On the caravan, pox went looking for treasure and found nasty sub-dermal infiltrator beetles by mistake, and then dug 2 of them out of his skin with a knife.

The caravan was set on fire during a sandstorm by a shadowy figure, who then disappeared as the party heroically battled to save the caravan from fire, or took the opportunity to nick some gear.

After the fire, Zuri recognised the culprit and due to a translation error, he was coldly murdered by pox. The culprits companions fled into the sandstorm, whereby Zuri transformed into a snake and paralysed them, and Irron ran out into the storm to try and recover their bodies, getting horribly lost in the process.

At this moment of extreme crisis, Zuri ran to his aid while pox chatted up the caravan owner in hope of getting to rummage around her quarters later for treasure.

Zuri got lost too, but her tagster companion, being able to connect to the minds of others and able to find the caravan in the storm pulled them both out of the storm. As they approached the caravan, goon number 2 jumped up and attacked Iron who promply used his body as a makeshift projectile battering ram, as knocking on doors is for wimps.

The session ended with pox interviewing the remaining goon, who told them he was a member of house Tanixu and they were taking over all the trade routes with the help of skullduggery and the aforementioned beetles, which are now snacking on the crew. He also said that his house pay gold coins for captured druids….

The party will now prepare to leave the caravan as the bedbugs there really suck.

The First six sessions...

Maybe someone has the skill to write it beautifully, but i don’t. Any player who remembers it is welcome to try..

The PCs escape capture by guards looking for work but meet an old woman named Preeti who begs them to go into the slave pens to recover her twin daughters Cara and Lara. They try a daring rescue but are unfortunately captured. Zuri, who was seen changing gets a magic negating collar stuck around her neck.
They befriend a halfgiant named Urgos, who takes a liking to Irron and decides to imitate his new friend.
They escape, the king is killed, they make friends with Sadira who introduces them to Rikus and Agis.
They go on an assignment for Sadira: meet Sheshua at fort Skonz to pick up a package.
On the way there hey encounter some elves who kill one o their own; Mallow the thief. No tears lost. Drackin makes a meal of the elves.
They get redirected to an oasis by ’Sadira’s friend’ Pakal at fort Zkonz.
It was a ruse. They find the dead dwarf, sheshua, make way through burning flower patch and fight a silk worm.
At the oasis they find shelter and proof that Zuri’s father had been there many years ago, and that he was being pursued by Dracklin’s father.
They return wih the package to Tyr, but not before encountering the elves again. This time the whole tribe. Zuri and Drackin somehow escape notice so Irron is left riding his crodlu to death, making it to the Asticles estate, where a retinue of guards desuade the elves from exacting revenge on Irron.
In Tyr, they learn that Urik has declared war and has deployed an army to conquer Tyr. While Irron helps Rikus with recruiting an army from freed gladiators, ex slaves and loans from various noble houses, the two halflings go underground.
They discover, or are lead to, a tomb of sorts. The person leading them to it turns out to be Dracklin’s father, now an undead monstrosity in the service of a more powerful undead.
Dracklin kills his father and escape the other undead’s clutches, but they get visited in their dreams, begging them to come back. Dracklin vows revenge upon the creature.

Next, they join the new Tyrian army as they march to meet the army from Urik. On the way, they meet the black sands raiders again. This time, leadership has changed and the former leader, Traaku, is turned over to Irron, bound in servitude until the debt of honor has been repaid.
Irron and Dracklin command a scouting party. Among the soldiers is the elf Traaku and a disguised preserver by the name of Ovid.

They dispatch a urikite scouting party and lead the urikite army into Rikus’ trap.
Irron takes down a drik, Dracklin takes control of it, Traaku kills a defiler and After being attacked by that obsidian sphere thing, he secures it and wraps it up tightly, although by that time it has already killed Draklin and Traaku.

Rikus leads the remaining Soldiers to pursue the urikites while the PCs, stuck together and unable to be too far from each other make way for Tyr. They have seen this kind of sphere before… Sheshua the dwarf had meant for Sadira to have his, and the party did deliver it to her. Maybe she’ll know how to undo its destructive enchantment..


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