Obsidian sphere

A completely spherical orb of the purest black with a hint of something purplish moving inside


The PCs have come into contact with two of these obsidian spheres. One was retrieved off of the body of the dead dwarven preserver Sheshua, which they then handed over to Sadira.
The second one was used in combat against the PCs. A Urikite templar threw it at the PCs’ feet, hoping it would shatter and kill them all in a single explosion of magical energy. Fortunately for the PCs, the ball didn’t completely shatter.
It cracked though, and Dracklin and Traaku perished before Ovid figured out how to stop the magical energy from killing him, Zuri and Irron.

The PCs were to by Arisphistaneles that only a defiler would have the power to undo the enchantment.

Now to find a trustworthy defiler….


Obsidian sphere

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