Human Male Wizard


Ovid has a Staff (1 Evocation), Leather Armor (1), Goggles that can see psions, a fire cleric necklace, a ring that prevents him from being hit by arrows, a lucky ring that can hold two charges, a bracelet that allows him to instantly kill defilers, but it has a mind of its own, 4 Drake eggs, a tanashu? ring, , and 2 Obsidian Orbs.

Strength -1
Dexterity 0
Constitution +1
Intelligence +3
Wisdom 0
Charisma +1

HP 19
Armor 3 (+1 Leather and +2 Magical Guard)


Ovid grew up on the streets of Tyr. Born in captivity from slave parents, he somehow escaped and made a living for a short time through theft and begging. Ovid felt completely helpless, barely able to have enough food and water to survive. One day, noticing a lack of anyone else’s interest in the boy, a templar and some slavers attempted to capture him thinking he was going to be an easy slave. Ovid ran from them and was rescued by an old and mysterious man named ____. The old man, a wizard, saw how smart Ovid was and sought to teach him the secrets of preserving magic. Ovid studied under the old man for awhile, learning as much as he could. Eventually, the old man had nothing left to teach him and he introduced Ovid to the veiled alliance of Tyr. Ovid is only half interested in the Alliance and mainly uses it as a means of finding other wizards who can teach him even more powerful magic.

Through his various contacts, he came into possession of 4 earth drake eggs.

Among other things, he is primarily driven by his need for absolute power. Also, he seeks someone capable of teaching him how to hatch his earth drake eggs.


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