Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

The First six sessions...

Maybe someone has the skill to write it beautifully, but i don’t. Any player who remembers it is welcome to try..

The PCs escape capture by guards looking for work but meet an old woman named Preeti who begs them to go into the slave pens to recover her twin daughters Cara and Lara. They try a daring rescue but are unfortunately captured. Zuri, who was seen changing gets a magic negating collar stuck around her neck.
They befriend a halfgiant named Urgos, who takes a liking to Irron and decides to imitate his new friend.
They escape, the king is killed, they make friends with Sadira who introduces them to Rikus and Agis.
They go on an assignment for Sadira: meet Sheshua at fort Skonz to pick up a package.
On the way there hey encounter some elves who kill one o their own; Mallow the thief. No tears lost. Drackin makes a meal of the elves.
They get redirected to an oasis by ’Sadira’s friend’ Pakal at fort Zkonz.
It was a ruse. They find the dead dwarf, sheshua, make way through burning flower patch and fight a silk worm.
At the oasis they find shelter and proof that Zuri’s father had been there many years ago, and that he was being pursued by Dracklin’s father.
They return wih the package to Tyr, but not before encountering the elves again. This time the whole tribe. Zuri and Drackin somehow escape notice so Irron is left riding his crodlu to death, making it to the Asticles estate, where a retinue of guards desuade the elves from exacting revenge on Irron.
In Tyr, they learn that Urik has declared war and has deployed an army to conquer Tyr. While Irron helps Rikus with recruiting an army from freed gladiators, ex slaves and loans from various noble houses, the two halflings go underground.
They discover, or are lead to, a tomb of sorts. The person leading them to it turns out to be Dracklin’s father, now an undead monstrosity in the service of a more powerful undead.
Dracklin kills his father and escape the other undead’s clutches, but they get visited in their dreams, begging them to come back. Dracklin vows revenge upon the creature.

Next, they join the new Tyrian army as they march to meet the army from Urik. On the way, they meet the black sands raiders again. This time, leadership has changed and the former leader, Traaku, is turned over to Irron, bound in servitude until the debt of honor has been repaid.
Irron and Dracklin command a scouting party. Among the soldiers is the elf Traaku and a disguised preserver by the name of Ovid.

They dispatch a urikite scouting party and lead the urikite army into Rikus’ trap.
Irron takes down a drik, Dracklin takes control of it, Traaku kills a defiler and After being attacked by that obsidian sphere thing, he secures it and wraps it up tightly, although by that time it has already killed Draklin and Traaku.

Rikus leads the remaining Soldiers to pursue the urikites while the PCs, stuck together and unable to be too far from each other make way for Tyr. They have seen this kind of sphere before… Sheshua the dwarf had meant for Sadira to have his, and the party did deliver it to her. Maybe she’ll know how to undo its destructive enchantment..



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