Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

The Battle with the Tanishu

The brave heroes were busy in negotiations with the lizard guy who bred the nasty beetle things, when suddenly Zuri and Ovid noticed some of the Tanishu warriors (with eight-eyed dog-like sand howlers) coming up the hill towards them. The Tanishu ran with weapons drawn, intent on bloodshed.

Pox and Zuri acted fast, making easy targets of the two warriors, but then a sudden psionic attack came out of nowhere, straight into Ovid’s fickle little brain. This triggered and reawakened the defiler-killer spirit in Ovid’s bracelet, who took control of his body for a few minutes until the sand howlers started carrying him away. Regaining control of himself, Ovid teleported away to safety, alternately dodging arrows, psionic attacks, and the summoning of a deadly Braxat!

Meanwhile Pox and Zuri spotted the attacking psion hiding in a pool of water and went after him. He turned out to be just the same man who had accosted them at the lighthouse and attempted to win them over to the Tanishu. Without his wasps to ride upon however, his psionic attacks could not save him, and he was easy prey for the the wily thief Pox and the shapeshifting Zuri.

Unfortunately for our heroes however, a defiler looking down upon them from a cliff up above cast lightning magic on them — in the water! Though electrocuted quite badly, Pox decided to loot lots of money and magic scrolls from the psion, and then get out of the water to go after the Braxat that the defiler summoned. Zuri, on the other hand, used her winged snakorpion form (snake with a scorpion’s tail) to paralyze the defiler.

Pox and Ovid, coming under heavy attack from the Braxat, struggled to get past its thick hide. Ovid tried to teleport about, but the Braxat, a most depressing sight on any battlefield, dampened that psionic ability, and threw him high into the air. Ovid, possibly embarrassed at being tossed about like a doll, cast his invisibility spell in mid-air so that nobody would see him, and, realizing that invisibility could not protect him from death due to gravity, managed to use its magic energy as a kind of shield to deflect the damage of the fall.

Pox contemplated many brave things to do and decided to run away. Joining Zuri at the top of the cliff, the two of them tried to get a bit of healing done — that electrocution earlier was very unhealthy, after all — only to find themselves under heavy fire from enemies shooting arrows from another cliff. Ovid didn’t like the idea of getting skewered, so he cast invisibility, again, so that his friends could be skewered instead. Indeed, the Braxat hurled its giant weapon at Pox and Zuri, only narrowly missing them.

Fate was out to get Ovid, however. Having finally decided to contribute to the battle in a meaningful way by summoning a Nightmare Beast to match the Braxat, Ovid found himself encircled by the sand hounds, going in for the kill.

Who will prevail? Will Ovid finally get stabbed, bitten, poked or laughed at? Will Pox finally get his beetle extracted from his belly? Will Zuri finally reveal her ultimate shapeshifting form of awesomeness? Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to the previous episode!



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