Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

Something buzzing this way comes

The group were exiting the fort’s gate when, ahead of them, in the middle of the road stood 2 men; a mul and an elf. The PCs noticed that they both had house Tanixu rings. The mul used a little dwarven girl as hostage to try and lure the group outside the city but Pox sent an arrow into the mul’s neck while Ovid’s fire ball blew the elf up while running at them. The little girl turned out to be in on it. She sent fireballs their way but the group luckily survived. With his new toys, Pox jumped on the girl and made a bloody mess of her. Hurt but not too badly, the companions returned to their beds to recuperate.

The next day, Pox found evidence on the elven longblade that the dead elf belonged to a legendary underground elven tribe called The Shadows. Fearing retribution upon Ovid for killing the elf, Pox made for the elven market and in an unprecedented act of contrition paid 100 ceramics and struck a deal with an elven chief to have the blade returned and Ovid’s life spared. Ovid meanwhile, with his head full of Pox influence, decided to cheat a merchant(although an elven merchant, not the most trust worthy)with magic.

While looking for Arisphitaneles, making their way to a small farm near Altaruk, a strange facsimile of a man appears behind them and threatens them, ordering that they march south east, away from Altaruk and the farm and towards the silt sea. Suddenly, a buzzing sound is heard and it starts to get closer. The man replica, seemingly just as curious as the PCs, quickly deteriorates leaving only Fast-evaporating goo.

Unsure of the impending threat or where to go, they opt for south east. It was a mistake. The buzzing sound came from giant wasps, each as big as a half giant, and at least a hundred strong. A well placed fireball by Ovid kills one but they are quickly overwhelmed. The wasps’ sting paralyzes them and they are brought to the wasps’ nest.

The group wake up in a large oval-shaped room along with a half dozen other poor souls. The only way in or out is from a hole in one of the top corners of the room, which Pox reaches easily. The hole opens up into a huge circular room filled with busy wasps, bringing victims from other oval rooms into a hole in the middle of the room where the PCs assume is where the queen resides. The PCs noticed that part of the huge circular room was constructed by the wasps and half the floor and walls seemed to be made of stones. The stone walls had three hallways, so they decided to take one, which led to a petrefied wooden door that led outside to a decrepit bridge that crossed a narrow precipice full of silt at the bottom. On the other side was another door. They luckily mad it safely across the bridge, even as wasps attacked them and found themselves in a room full of old books. What lies further down the tunnel has yet to be seen…



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