Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

Session 8

Everyone safely made it to town and got paid 33 CP each. After looking around for a good place to buy stuff, we went inside a tent. After examining the items and deciding that they were too expensive, we left, but all of Ovid and Pox’s money was stolen.
Pox decided to go to a local bar while everyone else went to see the town leader. Zuri learned that if she wanted to kill the creature, she would have to use a weapon made from grey steel. Grey steel is located deep in the mountains far away from our location. The town leader person, being a member of the veiled alliance, helps us with shelter, food and water.
Meanwhile, Pox decides to do a little pick pocketing. He finds some local merchants and tries to stir up a fight. He magically succeeds and manages to pickpocket a large amount of money. Everyone else returns looking for Pox. Ovid finds Pox, and having just seen his successful attempt at stealing money (and having his money just stolen at the tent), attempts to pick pocket too. Ovid succeeds in taking the money, but a half-giant notices. Not wanting to burn the place with his fire-ball, Ovid gets caught.
Everyone goes to, once again, see the town leader. Ovid manages to successfully BS a story that people believe (party people excluded).
As the sun goes down, some people ride into town wearing the ring that was obtained in session 7.



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