Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

Session 7

Rumble in the happy caravan

The session began by the party returning to Agis’ estate, where they met the captain of the guard and resolved to go a-drinking with him because of his awesome beard.

In Tyr, Zuri met Sadira and she tipped her off about an enchantress who would make her a necklace that would protect her from her new buddy, the soul eating daemon.

Irron also got his hammer enchanted, so that it now fires people a not inconsiderable distance when he hits them with it. He is a happy gladiator now.

They met a shifty human named pox in the bar, who ‘bought’ them all a drink and then proceeded to use his dastardly criminal contacts to get them a guard job on a caravan at the behest of some colossal munter named Alanna.

They want to alight the caravan at Altaruk to free Zuri from the effects of the daemon.

On the caravan, pox went looking for treasure and found nasty sub-dermal infiltrator beetles by mistake, and then dug 2 of them out of his skin with a knife.

The caravan was set on fire during a sandstorm by a shadowy figure, who then disappeared as the party heroically battled to save the caravan from fire, or took the opportunity to nick some gear.

After the fire, Zuri recognised the culprit and due to a translation error, he was coldly murdered by pox. The culprits companions fled into the sandstorm, whereby Zuri transformed into a snake and paralysed them, and Irron ran out into the storm to try and recover their bodies, getting horribly lost in the process.

At this moment of extreme crisis, Zuri ran to his aid while pox chatted up the caravan owner in hope of getting to rummage around her quarters later for treasure.

Zuri got lost too, but her tagster companion, being able to connect to the minds of others and able to find the caravan in the storm pulled them both out of the storm. As they approached the caravan, goon number 2 jumped up and attacked Iron who promply used his body as a makeshift projectile battering ram, as knocking on doors is for wimps.

The session ended with pox interviewing the remaining goon, who told them he was a member of house Tanixu and they were taking over all the trade routes with the help of skullduggery and the aforementioned beetles, which are now snacking on the crew. He also said that his house pay gold coins for captured druids….

The party will now prepare to leave the caravan as the bedbugs there really suck.



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