Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

Session 10 - skeletons are the least of our worries

the PCs found themselves inside a room full of books. Ovid cast light to better see what treasure they could find. Most books and scrolls on the shelves had long ago rotted away. Time had ravaged most of these founts of information but among the extensive collection they managed to salvage 6 books, only two of which were in a language Ovid knew how to read, and three scrolls of arcane magic.
Leaving the library, they followed the decrepit hallway to a doorway with stone stairs going in a circle both up and down. A sound made them cautious and they waited to find it was a walking skeleton. After a brutal fight with what must have been the remains of a long dead arena champion, the party bandaged their wounds and followed along the hallway, keeping the stairs in mind in case they needed to backtrack later. After searching a few rooms and finding a few ancient coins, they came upon a huge stone doule door. While opening it was quite easy, on the other side were wide stairs that went up a ways. There seemed to be light at the end and as they were about to go up them, a ghostly apparition materialized in front of them. The diminutive ghost warned that the room ahead was haunted by wraiths and that they should turn back. After a brief chit-chat, they decided that going to have a look at the stairs from earlier wasn’t such a bad idea.

Up those stairs they went until they came to a tower that seemed about 5 stories high. Over them was the olive-green sky. The top of the tower must have crumbled untold years before, but part of it was still there so they decided to go have a look. The stairs hugged the interior of the tower to the top. On the part that remained of the tower was a chest. Pox, using his tendonils, jumped to the hard to reach place but was disappointed to find only a giant piece of glass inside. A lens of some sort.

Looking out, Pox was surprised to see silt in all directions but south; stretching out as far as the eyes could see. To the south were rocky mountains with evil slopes full of jagged rocks.

Then, a familiar buzzing came their way and they saw giant wasps coming from the direction of a plume of smoke. Their burning nests no doubt. 7 wasps were flying their way and riding one of them was a man. Ready for a fight, the PCs waited for the wasps to arrive. The giant insects landed on the walls of the tower and the man introduced himself as Laleek, the leader of the Altaruk cell of House Tanixu. He seemed to know all about the PCs and the encounters they had had with the other Tanixu agents. He commented on the PCs’ willingness to get the job done no matter how dirty it got; Pox’s senseless slaughter of the young girl and Ovid’s mass homocide not long ago as he burned the giant wasps’ nest, along with all the other victims that had been captured. All except Laleek of course. He came to offer them a deal to join the house. He explained the ‘good’ that House Tanixu was trying to accomplish. Pox and Ovid were genuinely interested, much to the discontent of Zuri. But as they were about to seal the deal, Laleek let out that Zuri, a druid, would earn them a gold piece and that all they needed of her was her blood. Ever the practical one, Pox deemed Zuri’s life worth more than a gold piece for the moment and attacked Laleek. A short fight ensued with the PCs fighting the wasps and Laleek fell down from his perch. The mindbender made it safely to the ground as the PCs fought the attacking wasps. They hurried back down the tower as it started to crumble down on them. They made it just barely, with no broken bones.

The only way left seemed to be down the circular stairwell. With Ovid in tow as the only lit source, he led his surprised companions outside, to a simple quay which would have housed a couple of silt skimmers if there had been any. The quay led to old, wooden stairs to a doorway. It looked just about to fall apart so Pox, again using his tendonils, jumped the distance and made it safely to the doorway, only to find two skeletons sitting on stools. One of them was wearing a metal helmet of all things. He backed away as they started to rise and drew their weapons. The wooden pier was starting to fall apart under his feet but the dextrous Pox jumped back toward their friends. On of the skeletons came out onto the pier, which couldn’t do anything else but fallinto pieces in the silt. The other skeleton, with his metal helmet and standing in the doorway, provided Ovid with a perfect target. A fireball blew that undead to pieces back into the small room, which Pox again visited to clollect a few coins and the metal helmet.

Suddenly, long and hidious white tentacles sprang out of the silt in dusty clouds and tried to grab them. A silt horror! Wile trying desperately to run for the safety of the stone corridors they had come from, Zuri and Ovid were attacked and grabbed by the tentacles. Zuri, with her quick thinking, changed into a small lizard, thus breaking free of the silt horror’s grasp. Ovid threw a fireball into the silt and the silt exploded, covering the area with silt and blinding everybody. Eventually, the silt horror, having died or having had enough of Ovid’s burning magic, let go and disappeared once again into the dealy sea of silt.

Coughing and trying to clear the silt that was accumulating in their nose and eyes, the group climbed back those stairs, wondering if death was near.



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