Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

Into the mountains

At the beginning of the session Pox and Britton began by concealing themselves while Zuri used elemental mastery to created a wall of water inside the dungeon. The ash monster grabbed Zuri, as the water dissolves it and turns it into a puddle of sticky goo.

Ovid half drowned, while everyone else was swept into the next room, which turned out to be an ancient shrine of sorts with pillars of rotating crystal in the centre. Against pox’s words of caution, Ovid rushed in to take the bracelet from the centre, and the rotations increased and emitted a psionic scream. Everyone nobly fled outside, while Ovid sent a fireball into the room, shattering the crystal pillars and breaking one of three stone tablets on the wall, with a handprint inscribed on each. Britton and Ovid put their hands into the stone tablets, and each received a strange psionic tattoo on their arm, while Pox found a wooden sculpture of a strange legless creature in the wreckage, looting it for later. The party resolved to head up to the giant’s camp, so they could get a lift off the island.

After returning to the room with the gravity defying water, Ovid tried to pull magical focus in the room, stumbled and fell into the currents. He accidentally drank foul black goo, and threw up slime for a while as Pox negotiated the currents to find the corpse of the gnome, who informed them that Tanixu was a general during the cleansing wars and was widely renowned for his highly developed sense of bastardry. His ghost also warned us of the dangers of Ovid’s bracelet, shortly before it took over control of Ovid’s body and scared Zuri by being really, really freaky. Afterwards, they exited the room and go back up the stairs opposite, and go out into the sunlight….

…and walked into a pack of 5 hungry lirr, that were strolling past on the road into the mountain, with slopes of scree rocks heading up to the mountain. Britton shot the lead lirr, pox paralysed one with a throwing dagger, and Zuri shapeshifted into a wasp, stung a lirr and killed it outright. Pox killed a lirr, then the last one attacked Ovid and then tussled with Britton. Pox used golden root to tame a lirr and make it “as loyal as a puppy.” After a 2 day journey through the mountains, eating lirr meat and shaded by Zuri’s magical clouds, our intrepid adventurers made it to an area on a peninsula, about half a day from the giants camp.

Britton mentioned a beetle farmer in common, and Pox decided to get his help in removing the beetle still lodged in his belly after his antics in the caravan. They headed along the tracks, but were stopped by some Tanixu goons. They were fooled by Pox and Ovid’s magic into believing that the party were allies, and led us to the beetle farm. The breeder, a reptilian humanoid, emerged from the beetle pit, and asked all others but Pox and his lirrpuppy to leave his house so they could talk privately.

What will happen next week?



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