Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

Heroic flight from the lighthouse

Our intrepid and brave heroes started the session by trying to take a nap, to prepare spells and to look for things to steal, but alas fate was unkind and presented us with danger, in the form of an evil wraith. Heroically flapping their arms and fleeing in terror, they happened upon a large room with a crystal dome, and an immense and ancient magical tree on a raised circular dias.

Not needing stealth, as they are heroes, they promptly alerted the local wraiths and skeletons as to their presence. Ovid flung fireballs around at skeletons, while teleporting over to rob the guardian statues of their fancy jewels. Pox robbed a sword, becoming embattled with a skeleton in the process and Zuri rolled her eyes and got to work helping him, in the form of a nasty pincer monster fiend.

After such scuffling, it transpired that the wraiths were tethered to this world by the very items our heroes sought to heroically loot and plunder, so with much annoyance they were destroyed in a hail of telekinetically motivated rusty swords. The wraiths bothered them no more.

Ovid got down to business immediately, siphoning power from the tree to enhance both his staff and pox’s punch daggers, and to prepare spells. After a mighty rest, they continued onwards – in the process, locating a grievously wounded ranger, Britton, whose plight awakened the mighty Irron from his three-week slumber in time for a room filling lava blooded rock monster to appear.

Predictions for next week include either more fighting, or more running away. Only time will tell.



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