Welcome to Destiny and Sacrifice

A group of unlikely allies band together after being enslaved in Tyr and put to work on Kalak’s Ziggurat. After the revolt and Kalak’s death, this group, along with Sadira, Rikus, and others are recognized as heroes of great courage. Not used to the fame and unsure what’s next, it seemed as though the band would split and go their own way. Urik decides to attack Tyr and the war brings these allies closer than they could have imagined. A spell woven into an obsidian ball keeps them trapped on an arcane leash, unable to go more than a hundred metres from the sphere without their life force draining away from their bodies. A search for a solution leads them into the Ivory Triangle and into a trade war between the young and ambitious House Tanixu and the other merchant houses.

Their fates, although likely bound to be the same as Dracklin or Traaku, has yet to be decided. With any luck and maybe a little courage, they might survive for a time under the dark sun of Athas.

Dark Sun - Destiny and sacrifice

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